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Host Home FAQs

What are the eligibility requirements for me as a provider?

There are various eligibility requirements including but not limited to a high school diploma or equivalent, valid Illinois driver’s license, home study and fire marshal house inspection, Department of Human Services (DHS) inspection, and Direct Support Person (DSP) training.

What does it take for my home to qualify?

Your home must pass site inspection by EP!C staff, fire marshall inspection, and DHS inspection.

What training is required and is it offered through EP!C?

Direct Service Person (DSP) training and regular refreshers are provided by EP!C in addition to First Aid and CPR certification.

Can I still work my regular job and be a Host Home provider?

Yes. Many individuals either maintain their own independent jobs or attend our day program at our Townline facilities. This allows you to work regular shifts while they are managing their own responsibilities.

How am I matched with a Host Home Individual?

Individuals and providers are matched through a compatibility questionnaire, which you can download here, and matching tools throughout the interview process. Then frequent trial visit between the potential provider and individual will increase over time to make sure it is a mutually beneficial match.

What new expenses will I incur when a Host Home individual is placed with me?

You may experience very limited increases in expenses such as mild utility and food bill increases due to an additional person in the home.

What “per diem” or rate of pay will I receive from EP!C as a provider?

The rate that EP!C providers receive is based on the individual’s rate as determined by the state (an average of $25,000 annual salary)

What support will I receive from EP!C as a provider?

EP!C supports providers through an effective, interdisciplinary team of Qualified Intelectual Disabilities Professionals, to guide and inform in the successful care of individuals in the Host Program. Additional support is accessible through the Host Home Director and Host Homes Relief Staff.

How long will an individual stay with me?

The individual(s) will stay with you until you retire or the individual becomes too medically involved to be cared for in the home. At that time, they would move to a nursing home environment, or an environment better equipped to provide the care that they need.

Will becoming a provider affect my life?

Often times, the individuals in our program will become honorary members of the provider’s family. This can extend to the individual’s family as well as everyone is encouraged to be involved in the individual’s life and provide a strong support system. As you welcome a new person into your home, you may see your own family grow to include new people.

How will being a Host Home Provider affect how I file my taxes?

Typically, Host Home Provider revenue falls under the Foster Care classification but it is always best for you to discuss your specific financial details with your accountant.