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Educational Services

EP!C’s Educational Services Program enables individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to build the skills and knowledge necessary to enrich their lives through enjoyable, productive, and therapeutic day programming. We envision a world where people with intellectual and developmental disabilities have every opportunity to achieve their best, and in Educational Services we aim to turn that vision into a reality with a variety of education options.

Academic Opportunities
Participants learn about different academic topics such as math, science, geography, history, English, health, current events, and reading.

Life Skills Education
Individuals build social skills while developing cooking, personal, hygiene, and independent living skills. Education is tailored to each individual’s needs and ranges from basic to more advanced skill levels.

Vocational Training
Individuals who wish to pursue employment work on following one- to two-step instructions, including matching, sorting, labeling, mail preparation, and other work skills to prepare them for paid employment.

Health and Wellness Education
Lessons on fitness and exercise, nutrition, speech, and communication are offered to empower individuals with information to live their best and most independent life.

Special Interest Activities
We offer individuals the opportunity to explore a wide variety of interests. A wide range of special interest activity groups meet on a weekly basis for activities including art in the EP!Casso program, cooking, dancing, music, and radio. We also host special events such as pet therapy, musical performances, and guest speakers. Aktion Club participants are also encouraged to volunteer in the community.

Community Access Opportunities
Individuals are able to take part in various outings including shopping, museum visits, art gallery visits, recreational activities, and other activities of interest.

For more information regarding Educational Services contact Crystal Weeks Wright, Director of Educational Services, 309.689.3612 or

For more information on having EP!C individuals volunteer for your organization please contact Angie Frailey, Activity Coordinator at (309) 689-3705 or