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Our Programs

Employment Services

EP!C’s Employment Services helps individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities reach their employment goals while providing the community with a workforce that is dedicated to making a valuable contribution. LEARN MORE

Community Living

EP!C’s Community Living Services embraces the philosophy that individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities have the right to live in neighborhoods and experience the same community activities we all enjoy. EP!C offers a number of residential options to meet individual needs from apartments to group homes to host families. LEARN MORE

Educational Services

EP!C’s Educational Services Program enables individuals to build the skills and knowledge necessary to enrich their lives through enjoyable, productive, and therapeutic day programming. In Educational Services we help individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities achieve their best with a variety of education and extracurricular options. LEARN MORE

Technology Lab

The Technology Lab provides training and adaptive computer equipment for individuals who require assistive technology to use the computer as a tool for achieving greater independence in vocational, leisure, social, and communication skills. Over 250 EP!C individuals utilize the Technology Hub or its classroom and residential outreach programs. LEARN MORE


EP!C’s horticulture program, Harvest, helps provide on-the-job training and employment in EP!C’s greenhouse, garden, and market stand for over eighty adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Harvest program empowers individuals with vocational, life, and social skills; enhanced self-sufficiency and independence; improved self-esteem; and a sense of pride and accomplishment in providing fresh, local produce to their community. LEARN MORE


EP!Casso is EP!C’s art program that offers the opportunity for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to explore art in its diverse forms. It is the only program in the area that offers extensive arts education and exploration to adults with both intellectual and developmental disabilities. LEARN MORE

Host Homes

If you have a passion for caring for and supporting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and prefer a flexible schedule, consider joining EP!C as a host home provider. Host Home providers are needed to welcome adults of all ages with intellectual and developmental disabilities into their homes. LEARN MORE