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1913 W. Townline Rd. Peoria, IL 61615


Technology Lab

The Technology Lab provides training and adaptive computer equipment for individuals who require assistive technology to use the computer as a tool for achieving greater independence in vocational, leisure, social, and communication skills. Over 250 EP!C individuals utilize the Technology Lab or its classroom and residential outreach programs.

The Technology Lab provides intensive, daily computer training for thirty-two individuals with significant physical limitations, many of whom use wheelchairs. Being able to use the computer opens up a world of possibilities. The adaptive equipment allows them to complete paid work activities, use social media and e-mail, play computer games, and use the Internet to explore their interests.

The Technology Lab has a wide variety of adaptive equipment available to suit each person’s individual needs, including trackballs and joysticks to replace mice, specialized keyboards, and screen-magnifying and screen-reading software. Some individuals with severe speech impairments are able to use their electronic communication devices to operate the computer by connecting it directly to the computer so they can enter words, phrases, and even entire sentences.

The Technology Lab also enables individuals with disabilities to work and earn a paycheck on their own. They design and print flyers, posters, and calendars; develop presentation materials; create business cards for EP!C staff; and maintain a database of staff training records. They also complete sub-contract work for outside organizations and even make and sell their own greeting cards! The opportunities provided by the Technology Lab contribute greatly to self-esteem, independence, and overall quality of life.

For more information about Technology Lab, contact Claire Sharp, Senior Director of Educational Services, at csharp@epicci.org or 309-689-3729.